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Home-Education Support Registration


You are equipped with a flexible and gentle schedule to help you structure your days, and given guidance on what you can realistically expect during this time.


 Receive some delightful ideas to keep you inspired and joyful in your parenting and home-education 


Have a place to go with any questions or questions you might be facing whilst schooling your children at home.

Free support to families home-schooling during

the Covid-19 pandemic

Our desire is that this not be a time of stress and friction, but a beautiful and precious time of growing together as a family.  

Charlotte Mason wrote that of all things, the “work which is of most importance to society is the bringing-up and instruction of the children – in the school, certainly, but far more in the home, because it is more than anything else the home influences brought to bear upon the child that determine the character and career of the future man or woman. It is a great thing to be a parent: it is upon the mothers [and fathers] of the present that the future of the world depends.”

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REGISTER TODAY by submitting the registration form.

Just want to try it out?  You are most welcome to just try it out, explore the ideas, and see if this way of learning and the ideas resonate with you.  Register as normal, and opt out at any time.

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